Episode 12: Interview with Fermin Reygadas, Co-founder of Fundacion Cantaro Azul

Fermin Reygadas is Executive Director and Co-founder of Fundacion Cantaro Azul, an organization based in Mexico that works with rural communities to develop and implement safe water services.

Berkeley, Cantaro Azul developed the first ultraviolet water disinfection system specifically design for rural households. Cantaro Azul has also developed safe water solutions for schools and communities, including a hybrid franchise called Nuestra Agua. The franchise uses a kiosk-based technology operated by local entrepreneurs under an economically sustainable model to offer an affordable and reliable safe water service.

Fermin’s ultimate goal is to enable widespread and constant access to potable water while empowering community members with ownership and control of their water sources.

In this interview, Fermin talks about:

  • Cantaro Azul’s blend of research and groundwork
  • The importance of building a support system
  • Why social entrepreneurs need passion and empathy
  • The benefits of working collaboratively with rural communities
  • Cantaro Azul’s social franchise model that works with local entrepreneurs to provide potable water