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Episode 111: Stanford Business School’s Professor Neil Malhotra on how to create and sustain solutions to systemic problems

A fascinating, wide-ranging, and spirited discussion about the state of social entrepreneurship and innovation today, touching on key challenges facing social innovators–and the sector as a whole.

Episode 110: Interview with Tom Chi founder At One Ventures…a climate-focused VC fund investing in companies creating environmentally positive technology.

Deep dive on the role and impact of technology with Tom Chi, former Head of Experience and founding member of Google X and founder At One Ventures, a climate-focused VC fund investing in companies creating environmentally positive technology.

Episode 109: Interview with Kevin Starr, the founder of the Mulago Foundation

In this wide ranging and stimulating interview, Kevin Starr shares his perspective on the state of social entrepreneurship today, the reality of impact investment today, and his evolving thoughts on generating lasting change at scale

Episode 108: Interview with Jagdeesh Rao, Curator – Promise of Commons initiative, and former CEO FES

Interview with Jagdeesh Rao, the Chief Executive of the Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) in India, discussing the vital ecological restoration and conservation work that FES does on land and water resources in ecologically fragile, degraded region

Episode 106: Kate Roll, Head of Teaching and Assistant Professor at Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Bringing her background in international development, Kate discusses inclusive business and the concept of bottom of the pyramid development and it’s consequences for corporations and impoverished populations. Kate also shares her insights on what makes N

Episode 105: Aparna Hegde Founder of ARMMAN

In this interview, Dr. Aparna Hegde, an internationally renowned Urogynecologist and the founder of the NGO, ARMMAN (Advancing Reduction in Mortality and Morbidity of Mothers, Children and Neonates) shares her insights behind building scalable programs using technology and partnerships to innovatively impact maternal and child health. ARMMAN leverages technology to design & implement sustainable interventions to reduce maternal, neonatal, child mortality and morbidity in underserved communities. Working in 16 states in India, ARMMAN’s five programs have reached more than 18 million women and their children.

Episode 104: Interview with Celina de Sola, Founder of Glasswing International

Celina de Sola, founder of Glasswing International is accelerating community development by tearing down walls between government, business, and community groups, building a new culture of shared responsibility and cross-sector collaboration, rooted in tr

Episode 103: Interview with Kendis Paris, Founder of Truckers Against Trafficking

Kendis Paris is the founder of Truckers Against Trafficking, (TAT) founded in 2011. Beginning with the trucking industry, Kendis is building an anti-human trafficking movement model that could be applied across every mode of transportation in the US and b