Episode 20: Interview with Mike Marriner, founder of Roadtrip Nation

Mike set up Roadtrip Nation to helping students “define their own roads in life,”The initial aim was to expose students to myriad careers and life paths they would not otherwise know about and to help equip them with tools and skills they need to achieve their ambitions

It all began in 1991 when Mike and some friends set off in an RV to interview leaders across America and learn how they found their roads in life. To date, in partnership with the California Department of Education, the curriculum has guided over 80,000 low-income students in building their own Roadtrip Projects

In this interview, Mike talks about: 

  • The power of persistence
  • How Road Trip Nation grew in its early days
  • Why you should treat everyone with respect
  • The power of magnifying what you believe in
  • The power of apprenticeship