Episode 39: Interview with Suzi Sosa, cofounder and CEO at Verb

Suzi is cofounder and CEO at Verb., a social enterprise that produces, innovative competitions for social entrepreneurs who are working toward bringing bring disruptive innovation to the world’s most wicked problems.

Suzi started Verb  to serve foundations, Fortune 500 companies, and governments. Verb’s clients include Dell Inc., The Livestrong Foundation, IBM, and MetLife Foundation.

Sosa has been a social entrepreneur for 12 years. She studied economic development at Harvard University. Prior to starting Verb, Sosa created and led the social entrepreneurship program at the University of Texas at Austin.

In this interview, Suzi talks about:

  • How Verb connects thousands of social entrepreneurs
  • The role that prizes play in drawing resources to social innovation
  • The long term support social entrepreneurs need
  • How Verb raised $2.3 million to build the business
  • Lessons from Verb’s successful fundraising