Episode 4: Interview with Dai Powell, Chief Executive HCT Group

Dai Powell has been running HCT Group since 1993. Over this time, HCT has grown more than a hundredfold – from a small community transport provider into an award-winning national social enterprise- which now provides over 17 million passenger trips on buses in the UK every year.

Dai is passionate about social entrepreneurship- he is a board member of Big Society Capital in the UK, is the Chair of the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC) and a Social Enterprise UK board member.

In this interview, Dai talks about:

  • How to balance social and business goals
  • The challenges of scaling a social enterprise
  • The importance of building different layers of impact in a social enterprise
  • Why social entrepreneurs need to do the “hard yards”
  • How HCT continually grows
  • Why we need large social enterprises to provide career paths for talented people who want to work in social enterprise