Episode 46: Interview with Sharath Jeevan, Founder and CEO of STIR Education

Sharath Jeevan is Founder and CEO of STIR Education, a social entreprise that is building a teacher-led movement in India and Uganda. to address the learning crisis in developing countries.

STIR aims to build a movement of teachers, motivated to improve their teaching quality and influence the system. The aim is to reignite the spark in teachers and empower them to become committed, skilled and influential teachers.

STIR is currently working with about 12,000 teachers in India and Uganda with an impact on 500,000 children. STIR’s ultimate goal is improve learning levels for 40 million children in developing countries.

Prior to founding STIR in early 2012, Sharath founded Teaching Leaders, an innovative UK education non-profit

sharath DSC_8674In this interview, Sharath shares discusses:

How STIR identifies, tests and scales promising school and teacher ‘micro-innovations’
STIR’s approach to people centred change
How STIR creates positive networks of peers to support teacher growth and development
STIR’s striking improvements in teacher motivation and student learning outcomes
Getting to the tipping point