Episode 50: Interview with Marc Koska the inventor of the non-reusable K1 auto-disable syringe and founder of the SafePoint charity

Marc Koska has been on an amazing 30 year mission to eliminate dirty syringes responsible for more than a million deaths a year. Marc invented the non-reusable K1 syringe – thus preventing the medical transmission of blood-borne diseases. Since the first K1 syringe was sold, more than five billon K1 syringes have been sold worldwide.

Marc is also the founder of the SafePoint charity -which educates people on the dangers of reusing syringes. Marc has been intensely involved in advocacy –including years of lobbying the World Health Organisation (WHO) to introduce guidelines promoting single use syringes. (The WHO began a global campaign warning of the dangers of reusable needles in 2015).

In this interview, Marc talks about:

  • How Marc began his journey
  • The problem with syringes
  • How Marc spent 3 years trying to understand the problem –before beginning to try to find a solution
  • Marc’s approach to advocacy
  • Marc’s vision for the future