Episode 53: Interview with Nithya Ramanathan, President and Co-Founder of Nexleaf Analytics

Nithya is the President and Co-Founder of Nexleaf Analytics, a nonprofit based in Los Angeles, California. Nexleaf’s mission is to build, scale, and support wireless technologies and data analytics tools to measure the impact of public health and environmental interventions in the field.

Nexleaf’s is current focussing on key projects in supporting vaccine delivery in developing countries (ColdTrace) and evaluating the impact of improved cookstoves (StoveTrace).

In this interview, Nithya talks about:

  • Nexleaf’s work helping customers deliver impact
  • The big, neglected, question in social innovation: how do you fix things?
  • The importance of developing standard operating procedures for maintenance
  • Building win-win partnerships
  • Nexleaf’s approach to scaling