Episode 6: Interview with Mohan Thazhathu, president and CEO Help MeSee

Mohan Thazhathu is president and CEO of HelpMeSee Inc., a non-profit with a mandate to eliminate cataract
blindness endemic in developing countries. Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss and account for more than half of all blindness worldwide.

HelpMeSee’s mission is bring this sight-restoring surgery to millions of underserved people in emerging markets through financial support and the training of thousands of highly skilled specialist cataract surgeons recruited from within their communities.

HelpMeSee has an extensive network of cataract surgeons, practicing in some of the world’s poorest communities-by the end of 2013 HelpMeSee had completed 100,000 cataract surgeries through its HelpMeSee Program.

In this interview, Mohan talks about

  • Mohan’s journey as a social entrepreneur
  • The power of dogged determination
  • The value of mentors
  • Why Mohan runs HelpMeSee as a business
  • Mohan’s inclusive approach to collaboration