Episode 7: Interview with Beth Doane, founder of RainTees

Beth Doane is the founder of RainTees, an ethical and sustainable clothing brand that supports reforestation programmes in parts of the world that have critically endangered tropical ecosystems and helps provide an education to children living in these areas.

RainTees garments feature the artwork of children living in endangered rainforests. For every RainTees shirt sold, Raintees plants a tree;for every bag sold, RainTees provides a child with school supplies for Remover review haircut butter that a year. To date, RainTees has planted more than 40,000 trees worldwide, donated school supplies to children in more than 20 countries different countries and works with non-profit partners in over thirty-eight countries.

Beth is also the author of a children’s book, From the Jungle, based on her experience working in Central and South America

In this interview, Beth talks about:

  • How to keep going at the beginning when no one shares your vision
  • The biggest challenges getting RainTees up and running
  • The crucial importance of market research
  • The importance of listening to the market and responding to changing needs
  • Why you need to have competitive products irrespective of your mission