Episode 20 Interview with Mike Marriner, founder of Roadtrip Nation

Mike set up Roadtrip Nation to helping students “define their own roads in life,”The initial aim was to expose students to myriad careers and life paths they would not otherwise know about and to help equip them with tools and skills they need to achieve their ambitions

It all began in 1991 when Mike and some friends set off in an RV to interview leaders across America and learn how they found their roads in life. To date, in partnership with the California Department of Education, the curriculum has guided over 80,000 low-income students in building their own Roadtrip Projects

In this interview, Mike talks about: Mike Marriner_headshot website_0

  • The power of persistence
  • How Road Trip Nation grew in its early days
  • Why you should treat everyone with respect
  • The power of magnifying what you believe in
  • The power of apprenticeship


Episode 19 Interview with Martin Fisher, co-founder of KickStart International

KickStart is a nonprofit social enterprise that designs, promotes and markets simple money-making tools that small-holder farmers buy and use to create profitable family enterprises.

KickStart believes that self-motivated private entrepreneurs managing small-scale enterprises play a key role in poverty alleviation. Since 1991, 160,000 successful new businesses have been started in Africa using their tools – with more than 800 new businesses are being created each month. In addition, KickStart’s technologies and expertise are used throughout Africa to support programs in agriculture, shelter, water, sanitation, health, and relief.

In this interview, Martin talks about:  martin_fisher

  • What the poor need
  • Why individual ownership is the key to sustainable economic development
  • Why aid programs that give things away rarely lead to long-term poverty alleviation
  • How the “tragedy of the commons” reduces the impact of poverty alleviation programmes
  • Key lessons about scaling social businesses


Episode 18 Interview Yves Moury Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fundación Capital

Fundación Capital is an international social enterprise, a pioneer in inclusive finance innovation helping the poor save, build, accumulate, enhance, invest their assets, insure their families and their endeavors against risk, and chart a permanent path out of poverty.

Fundación Capital is committed to working to end poverty by playing a central role in the drive to achieve full financial inclusion of the poor, and by supporting families in lifting themselves out of extreme poverty. It currently reaches three million people, and aims to reach an additional 10 million families by 2020.

Yves Moury is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fundación Capital. Most of his professional career has been focused on poverty reduction, worldwide, as a consultant, entrepreneur and social entrepreneur: He was a 2014 recipient of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship (Education and Economic Opportunity).

In this interview, Yves talks about: …. YvesMoury_FundacionCapitalwebsite

  • The financial impact of lack of access to financial services
  • How savings support financial inclusion
  • Why credit is not a magic bullet to get out of poverty
  • The importance of resilience
  • Why social entrepreneurs need networks and partners


Episode 17 Interview with Steve Blank, US serial-entrepreneur and academic, developer of the Customer Development methodology

Steve Blank is a US serial-entrepreneur and academic. He has spent over thirty years working within the high technology industry and has founded or worked within eight startup companies, four of which have gone public.

Steve developed the Customer Development methodology, which is a cornerstone of the Lean Startup Movement- and is a consulting associate professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford University. He has published three books including most recently, The Startup Owner’s Manual.

You can find out more about Steve, and access a ton of excellent entrepreneurship resources, at www.steveblank.com

In this interview. Steve talks about:

Steve Blank

  • The key difference between startups and established companies
  • How Steve developed the core Customer Development ideas
  • Why the founder needs to take responsibility for the Customer Development process
  • The importance of understanding the ecosystem
  • The social discovery process
  • The importance of testing idea on small scale

Episode 16 Interview Jane Chen co-founder of Embrace

Jane Chen is co-founder of Embrace, a US social enterprise which has developed a low-cost infant warmer -and aims to help the 20 million premature and low birth-weight babies born every year.

The Embrace infant warmer costs about 1% of a traditional incubator and is currently being distributed across clinics in India, with pilots being conducted in 10 countries. It is credited with having helped more than 60,000 babies worldwide.

Jane was CEO for five years building of Embrace from an idea to a life-saving innovation- she now works as Chief Business Officer for Embrace Innovations, a for-profit spin off of Embrace.

In this interview, Jane talks about:  220px-Jane_Marie_Chen

  • The benefits of design based thinking
  • Why Embrace relocated to India
  • How rapid prototyping works for Embrace
  • The value of co-creation with customers
  • Embrace’s hybrid profit/non-profit structure