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Episode 101: Interview with Sue Riddlestone, OBE, Founder of Bioregional

Sue is Founder of Bioregional, a UK social entreprise that, works with partners to create better, more sustainable places...

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Episode 100: interview with Nadina Galle, CEO and Co-Founder at Green City Watch, an Amsterdam-based geoAI company empowering urban foresters to manage their tree inventory in real-time.

Episode 99: Interview with Dr Morgan Phillips, Co-director, The Glacier Trust

Dr Morgan Phillips joined The Glacier Trust in December 2016. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the...

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Episode 98: Interview with Jordan Kassalow and Jennifer Krause on their inspiring new book, Dare to Matter: Your Path to Making a Difference Now

In this interview, social entrepreneur Jordan Kassalow, and rabbi and author, Jennifer Krausediscuss Dare to Matter, their inspiring new...

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Episode 97: Interview with Rebecca Masisak, CEO of TechSoup, a non-profit international network of NGOs that provide technical support and technological tools to other nonprofits and social benefit organisations

Episode 96: Interview with Jed Emerson author of The Purpose of Capital: Elements of Impact, Financial Flows, and Natural Being

Episode 95: Interview with Ann Mei Chang, author of Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good

Episode 94: Interview with Randy Paynter, founder of Care2

Randy P picWith a natural philanthropic spirit, Randy Paynter founded the online advocacy website, Care2, in 1998 with the...

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