Episode 57 Interview with James Perry, Co- Chair and Co-founder of B Lab UK

James Perry is Co- Chair and Co-founder of B Lab UK-a UK registered charity, which exists to support a community of UK-based B Corps; he was also instrumental in managing the launch of B Corps in the UK

James is currently Chief Executive of Panahpur, where he has led the transition from  a traditional grant making charitable trust into a sustainable social impact investor.

James chaired the UK Mission Alignment Working Group for the UK Advisory Board of the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce and has been Deputy Chairman of the Social Stock Exchange.

In this interview, James discusses:  jamesperry

  • What is means to be a B Corporation
  • The growth of B Corps in the UK
  • Why B Corporations access great talent
  • Purpose and B Corporations
  • Why investors like B Corporations

Episode 54: Interview with Stephen Dawson, OBE, co-founder of Impetus Trust- now Impetus-PEF- and Jacana Venture Partnership

Stephen Dawson is a pioneer in the field of venture philanthropy in the UK. A former venture capitalist, he was involved for 25 years with ECI, where he was until recently non-executive chairman.  

Stephen was a co-founder of Impetus Trust- now Impetus-PEF- the first British venture philanthropy organisation, investing in charities and social enterprises that fight economic disadvantage; he was also a founder trustee of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA). 

Stephen was co-founder and chairman of Jacana Partners which was established to tackle poverty in Africa by helping build a venture capital industry.  He has received many awards for his work including an OBE for services to the voluntary sector in 2011.

In this interview, Stephen talks about: s_dawson

  • The rise of venture philanthropy in the UK
  • How venture philanthropy works
  • The growth and success of IntoUniversity
  • The importance of building a broad funding base
  •  The pain –and value- of the venture philanthropy due diligence process

Episode 52 Interview with Ned Tozun, cofounder of d.light

Ned is the cofounder of d.light, a for-profit social enterprise that designs, manufactures and distributes solar lights and power products to the developing world; the company provides high quality light and cost savings to households, farms and small businesses.

d.light has developed a wide range of solar lighting products at different prices, from desk lights and portable solar lanterns to solar home systems that power radios and mobile phones; the d.light A1 is the world’s most affordable high-quality solar light.

To date, d.light has sold 13 million solar light and power products in nearly 60 countries, improving the lives of nearly 60 million people. According to the World Bank’s Programme ‘Lighting Global’, d.light has been listed as the leading solar lantern manufacturer.

In this interview, Ned talks aboutNed_Tozun

  • How d.light got started
  • The potential of solar energy in emerging markets throughout the world
  • How to think about scaling-from the very beginning
  • When  and how to look for venture capital
  • Where d.light has focussed its innovation efforts
  • Ned’s vision for the future


Episode 50 Interview with Marc Koska the inventor of the non-reusable K1 auto-disable syringe and founder of the SafePoint charity

Marc Koska has been on an amazing 30 year mission to eliminate dirty syringes responsible for more than a million deaths a year. Marc invented the non-reusable K1 syringe – thus preventing the medical transmission of blood-borne diseases. Since the first K1 syringe was sold, more than five billon K1 syringes have been sold worldwide.

Marc is also the founder of the SafePoint charity -which educates people on the dangers of reusing syringes. Marc has been intensely involved in advocacy –including years of lobbying the World Health Organisation (WHO) to introduce guidelines promoting single use syringes. (The WHO began a global campaign warning of the dangers of reusable needles in 2015).

In this interview, Marc talks about: IMG_3590

  • How Marc began his journey
  • The problem with syringes
  • How Marc spent 3 years trying to understand the problem –before beginning to try to find a solution
  • Marc’s approach to advocacy
  • Marc’s vision for the future

Episode 47 Interview with Pascal Finette,  Head of entrepreneurship at Singularity University

Pascal is a technology enthusiast with a wide ranging career which includes setting up a couple of technology companies, working at eBay,  Mozilla Labs, as well as a stint at Google.org investing into social impact organizations around the world.

Pascal now heads up the startup initiatives at Singularity University- whose aim is to grow startups solving the most intractable problems in the world, Pascal is the entrepreneurship chair and responsible for the Startup Accelerator and Venture Fund.

Pascal publishes his opinionated newsletter, ‘The Heretic’, which is read by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe.

In this interview, Pascal discusses: 

  • The most important skill, often overlooked, required to succeed as a social entrepreneur
  • How to build a social support network
  • Keys to funding success
  • How to find leverage to succeed
  • Some exciting high-potential startups at Singularity University